Simultaneous Equations

Don Steward has loads of ace  SE tasks – here Simultaneous Equations Worksheets – from UEA. This…also from Don Steward, to support solving graphically: Solving one quadratic and one linear – here. Worksheets designed for Core 1 but appropriate for Higher GCSE – by SR Whitehouse: Examples of Simultaneous Equations Solving Two Linear Simultaneous Equations […]

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Venn Diagrams

It was here, it went, it’s back again…..Venn Diagrams by pjms Cute little starter? Toy Story Venn Diagram by rodders33 Reading VENN simple author unknown NEW GCSE Specimen Exam questions – Venn – Foundation by JustMaths New GCSE Specimen Exam questions – Venn – Higher by JustMaths  

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Sharing an Amount in a Ratio

Splitting numbers into ratios- differentiated WS – Mr Hawkhead Sharing in Ratios v2 – Sharing into ratios worksheet including worded questions – Tristan Jones ratio sharing plenary – Tristan Jones Spot The Mistakes – Ratio 1 – AnswersSpot The Mistakes – Ratio 1 – Student SheetSpot The Mistakes – Ratio 2 – AnswersSpot The Mistakes – […]

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Fractions of Quantities codebreaker – TeachitMaths. If you haven’t got a login for this site to download the free PDF resources and don’t want to register, feel free to ask for my login. Adding Fractions Puzzle – Maths Pad. Adding and Subtracting Fractions – Differentiated, including algebraic fractions. Fraction Triangles – Addition and Subtraction […]

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Direct and Inverse Proportion – Matching the Statement to an equation – author unknown. Proportionality – Differentiated Questions – Differentiated Questions and answers. A copy of this is also in the T Drive in the Resources for N2 (Higher) in KS4 Current SoL Direct or inverse proportion– a series of PDFs by Teachitmaths with Exercises […]

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